Awkward Spottings

I must be brief because I still need to shower and get to the bus station because I am leaving for Istanbul in 2 short hours!!!!

Super excited for my weekend away – it will be a mix of Istanbul and Edirne –> I am going to Europe!!!! Trust me when I say the pictures post this trip will be GREAT!

Anywho, I thought I would sum up some of the more awkward moments in Turkey

My sightings:

1) Man slapping other man’s butt – not normal in any country…maybe only reserved for a sports field and even then…

2) Man holding lady’s corn on the cob while she eats it – come on now! Corn on the cob is already awkward to eat so that you don’t have yellow bits all up in your grill and having someone else hold it while you try to chomp away just ups by about 10 notches – no thank you

3) Homeless woman getting into fight with man running on the track – purse being thrown and all – just wasn’t sure how to react…so I kept running.

4) Student in class discussing how he wants to marry his cousin…the teacher’s confusion over whether she heard correctly and then disapproval was on par with my own.

Turks sightings:

1) Lone Girl walking through the city in running tights and a bright yellow AIDS Marathon training shirt – bizarre – I can officially say that I am comfortable in my skin – running is too important for me not to be a stand out duckling.

Cheers to the random moments that bring us all smiles..or confused expressions



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