1 Month in Turkey – celebrated with American Cookies

Today marks my one month of survival in Turkey! – I will pat my own back accordingly.

Started the day off with a nice 6 mile run with my running partner. Now I was never big on running with others – but my runs with her are quite enjoyable – we went at a nice easy pace and talked about tons of different things. Definitely not able to run as fast when carrying on a conversation and running hills – haha. The runs work as a great time for us to tap each other for our knowledge of Ankara and life in general. Even got in a little ab workout in the park post the run. All the Turkish bread eating means I ne

ed to focus some more attention on the mid-section or I am gonna be having problems. Muffin top – no thank you.

Scenic Running Area

Running track – half of the time we ran on this, the other on red dirt

Red dirt stained shoes

Then went home showered at lightning speed and met up with another friend because we had a baking date. We both wanted to do something “American-esque” with the Fourth of July next week but weren’t sure we would be able to meet up before Wednesday so thought that we better do it today. We successfully made “American Cookies” as the host daughter and the neighbor mom/friend labeled them – “Amerika Kurabiyesi”. However, they were in fact chocolate chip cookies. Now at first we were having a few difficultie

s with the baking of them – figuring out the old notch over in the home stay, but by the 3rd sheet we had figured out the right number notch, the right amount of time and the right size to make the cookies. Super impressed by our baking here. Chocolate chip cookies are a lot easier to make in the US – will never take them for granted again. Best part was that the chocolate chips we used were dark chocolate – mmmmhhhhhmmmmm.

The cookies were so good that we my friend wrote the recipe for them in Turkish – funniest part was when the neighbor asked what temperature we didn’t know what to say – the dang old notch oven. Haha – will never forget it. Made me realize that when I go and look for apartments in Istanbul that I should make sure the oven has Celsius degrees for telling temperature and not just 1-10.

Will be sure to post the recipe we used.

Thus another relaxing afternoon full with cookies and plenty of nescafe drinking.

Tomorrow starts my second course of Turkish. Oh yeah – forgot to share that I passed my Turkish level exams on Friday – woooooooooooo

Now onto more challenging Turkish grammar – booooooooooo. Will have to do some review tonight for sure.

Lasted a month before my first bloody nose – the elevation was bound to get me eventually ):

Host mom made homemade poğaca today though – rolls stuffed with things (feta cheese and herbs) (:

Happy July to all


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