Case of the Mondays

Today when walking to the park to go for a run I saw a mother hit a rock with her stroller in the road and the stroller passenger – aka the toddler didnt have his seatbelt on so he just fell right out – that’s how I felt this morning- like I had fallen flat on my face – one wrong thing after another.

First in walking to class I ripped my NEW shirt (yep my first clothing purchase in Turkey) on a tree – thus it lasted a good whole 3 minutes on the streets of ankara – maybe salvageable but who knows. My roommate was super sad for me and yet while I am pissed about my shirt being ruined I will now beware of that tree that just happens to be growing in the worst position – the middle of the sidewalk.

Then because I had to go home and change (gaping hole in shirt would only cause more attention to be drawn to me – no fun in that) I was late for class. Granted the only other time I was late for class was when the metro doors got stuck and wouldn’t open – talk about worst case scenario for someone who is claustrophobic. Have I mentioned how hot the metros can be here… That was a hard explanation to the teacher and I knew explaining the shirt would be too – but gratefully she never asked – just gave me a smile – wondering if she asked Azusa since she usually arrives post me – a little switcheroo we had today.

Then while in class the gal sitting next to me accidentally spilt her water and got a bit on my workbooks – could’ve been worse though – another gal’s books and phone were completely soaked and dripping. By now I was just in need of a laugh – always can count on my Syrian and Libyan classmates or Turkish teacher  to rise to the occasion of providing a good chuckle. We were talking about posing for pictures today in one of our readings and it is well known that “peace-signs” are a staple in many Asians photos – but be sure to know that the placement of the peace sign is different depending on the nationality. Japanese like the peace sign head on by the mouth in an “OHHH” position. Also, I’ve been told for them it stands for a V for victory and not necessarily peace – I have already enjoyed my peace sign photos with Azusa (my Japanese roommate) – not to mention that the double peace sign was my thing when I was 22, nothing wrong with a little 2-2 action (:

For Koreans it is higher up on the face and usually to the side and Chinese sometimes do it facing into their mouth – having my Turkish teacher act all these out and then the Chinese and Japanese students (no Koreans unfortunately) in class applauding her was quite the sight to see. While the only common language amongst the class is Turkish and not all is always understood correctly – this went thoroughly understood with no need for a translator – love!

What else went wrong in the class was I did the wrong homework assignment – ahhhhh! I have had night terrors of this happening before but was so confident that I had done the right assignment – 3 books to work with in the class and it was bound to happen – just add it to my list of things going astray for the day.

Now I thought my day had turned for the better, but a stepping on a piece of gum while walking home and being “softly hit” by a car that decided to run the red light needed to be thrown in to the mix as well. At least I can say that I am still alive in the game of Frogger and didn’t take on any serious injuries – just a blow to my Turkish street cred. (few witnesses though…I think). All of this was washed away with a little S3 – sister skype session and while my day seemed rough she shared this great quote from one of her friends with me “The grass is only greener on the other side until the bull shits” so while other people’s lives around me seemed like they weren’t hit by the bad luck charm today, they too may have been having a case of the rough Monday.

My 4 mile run in the park helped clear me of my troubles too and hopefully put me on the right track for the rest of the week (huge Turkish exam Friday so will be prepping for that). Nike also updated their interface/set up of the Nike+ running app – while I loved it before I now LOOOOOVE it! I was a little thrown off by it at first but am realizing that the new features and design will be even more useful and I will thoroughly be utilizing the app. OHHH YES.

Finished the evening chatting it up with Azusa about movies – youtube definitely came in handy – is everyone aware that Taken 2 comes out in October and takes place in Istanbul?!?!!? – Yes I am looking forward to that – might not be the best movie to represent a great city but I guess we will find out soon enough (hopefully it comes out in theaters shortly after its October release in the states). And now sharing my almonds with the 6 year old neighbor gal – may have found someone who loves them as much as me – no frets though she shared dut with me – mulberries (: and I got my first trial at eating pumpkin seeds – the Turks are talented with the shelling of them in their mouths – while I am horrible at sunflower seeds I think I may actually be worse with pumpkin seeds – didn’t think it was possible.

And got a great email from my dad’s secretary to top of my day – so while my day started out rough it has ended on a more pleasant note – complete with the call to prayer sounding just as I wrap this up.

Bad luck or fumbles are bound to occur – doesn’t matter where in the world you are, but there is always more good than bad – my motto to keep trekking along.

Stay tuned for a recap of my adventures in Southeastern Turkey this weekend (:

Cheers to rough days turning more pleasant


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