To Banana Bread with Cherries

First baking experience in Turkey!

Preparing for baking in Turkey created more anxiety than the average baking adventure. I am relatively comfortable in a kitchen – and it’s a good thing too because foreign kitchens (literally in the sense of being abroad but also as in not use to because it’s not my kitchen) always lend for a good story. This one was no different. I wanted to bake earlier in the week but when I saw the dial for degrees I knew I had to do some question asking – on Wednesday night at dinner with a friend I was informed that it will mostly be a trial and error approach – I thought I can manage that – or at the very least I was gonna have too. Not to mention she told me that the bundant pan would be my best friend which I was confused on until I realized she meant bundt pan – haha ohhh good times.

maybe each number is 20 degrees (C) – lets pray and hope so….

On Monday I went and hunted down a measuring cup! This could be one of the most magical finds in Turkey yet because at first I thought it was just mL but in fact it is also cups! Yes a 2 1/2 cup measuring cup to be exact. Now this is not the proper way to measure solids, but sometimes you work with what you have.

Now I will try to give exacts as much as possible – which is quite accurate – but a few things (specifically temp) is complete ballpark guessing.


1/2 cup butter

1 cup sugar

2 packets vanilla sugar (they don’t have extract here – this is the equivalent of 1-2 tsp.)

1 egg

1 1/2 cups all purpose flour

1 packet baking soda (1-2 tsp. equivalent)

a generous amount of cinnamon (:

3 ripe and mashed bananas

1/2 cup yogurt (2 containers of activia plain)

1 cup cherries (pitted and quartered)


Cream the butter and sugar. Then add the egg, vanilla, bananas and vanilla. Finally stir in the dry ingredients and lastly the cherries. Next time I would double the amount of cherries. At this point you could also add in other things (future possibilities – oh yes there will be more banana bread in Turkey – chocolate chips – they do exist here! just a tad expensive – nuts, other fruits)

More cherries needed next time!

Bake 45 min – 1 hr. at about 350F – this is an estimate – for me it was dial 10 for 30 min and then dial 9-7 for the last 20 min. Haha too funny. The host daughter was laughing but was super excited when she came home and could smell the bread baking (:

Gotta contribute to this family that is giving me so much while here.

I am a fan of this cute little bundt pan

Cheers to banana bread in Turkey


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