Chilling in the City

Apologies for writing a day late. You will get two posts from me today!

Friday night I went to a friend’s going away dinner – so much food and yet so delicious – thought I was going to have to be rolled away. The restaurant was set up where you get all the different meze (salads, salsas, breads, etc) and then you pay for your main meal and whatever you drink. You even get dessert! Way easy to eat a ton of food and for a decent price. We then went and checked out a chill bar “Golden” good time but it was super hot out and not much of a breeze didn’t help. It was an outdoor courtyard bar though. Headed home around midnight catching the last metro.

Saturday – chilled most of the day with Audrey. In the morning I watched “This Means War” with Turkish subtitles. You can find most shows and movies online here for free – they don’t have the same laws as we do in the US. It’s great because Turkish TV is too fast for me right now, but being able to hear it in English and see it in Turkish is helping me pick up on more vocabulary and notice grammar.

Afterwards went into the city center, we walked around, checked out a few shops and then met with a man she know’s from her previous times in Ankara who runs an English speaking school. I will be teaching a few hours (not really sure how many yet) of English – helps with a little bit of extra pocket money. Afterwards it was chill time at a cafe, dinner and then we headed to her homestay.

One of the best quotes of the day was when we were walking to her homestay and talking about the driving here and Audrey nonchalantly states “I’ve never been hit hard by a car here” haha too funny.

Watched the news in English – realizing I had not checked if my host family gets CNN – just checked and they do (:

We met up with others out at a bar and then headed to a second bar followed by a third where we lasted about a 20min/half hour – a dance bar but they had a live band when we first got there which was cool and they played all American music, minus one song that once I heard I was like I know this – but how???? and I realized I had listened to it in Turkish class in the US since it showed a good grammar point.

A good night – out late, but worth it. Officially have been introduced to parts of the Ankara night life. Enjoyed an interesting taxi ride home – but I will just leave it at next time I am finding a grandpa taxi driver so that I don’t have to ward off as many compliments.

Cheers from abroad



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