Turkish Traditional Dancers

Now I’ve mentioned it a few times already, but for sakes of repeating once more – there is a festival going on in Ankara right now. There are stages set up all over the city and while I caught part of a show the other night ago I happened to stumble across the same acts today when walking home from a cafe where I was doing a bit of thesis research. This time I was able to get a few pictures of the traditional Turkish dancers – woooot. And afterwards I wondered into the grocery store right there to see what they had in their cooking/baking area come fall time so I know what to bring back with me. While in the store I heard a familiar sound that immediately had me picturing shirtless men. Now before you get ahead of yourselves, I just want to say that the music was indeed the background music to the two Turkish men who did an acrobats/strength show just 2 nights prior. Sooooo – it’s not always that I imagine shirtless men in grocery stores – just when prompted by background music in which shirtless men perform.

Lining up before they danced

Interesting person statues off to the side – there were like 8 of them!

Otherwise my day was nonchalant – got up and ran around 6:30 – it was 57 when I left and an hour or so later it was 65 ish. At first it was just me and a whole bunch of walkers on the track in the park – but then more runners started to show – I felt pretty great though because I was passing everyone and no one was passing me (: Great way to start my day – forgot how much I like early morning running. By this afternoon I had forgotten I’d gone running.

Today was much cooler than yesterday but still good into the 90s. Class went well – actually was not chosen during chat time to explain more of my life – others were put under the firing squad (aka the teacher). She is great though.

Afterwards went back to the French Cafe – Aylak Madam – that friends and I went to the other day ago. Thought it would be good for research and it was! My research will probably be a lot more effective here for now since most places don’t have wi-fi so I save all my documents on my comp. before going and then can read the whole time – not get distracted with surfing the net. Accompanied my research with a delicious salad – perfect for the heat. Most of the cafe’s don’t have air conditioning so didn’t want to eat anything hot.

Metamazel Salad

The top of the cafe looking out from my table – super bright out there

I decided to walk back from the cafe to my home and glad I did – it led me to run into the festival acts…again. Not to mention I treated myself to an ice cream during my 5km walk – I felt it was well earned (;

Evening plans are a going away dinner for a gal from my university who has been here the past year teaching English – while I am sad to see her go shortly after my arrival I am glad that I have gotten the chance to hang out with her a few times

PS sorry for photo quality – taken with my iphone ):

Cheers from abroad and hope everyone has a great start to their weekend