Turkish Residence Permits

Turkey’s rules and laws revolving around entrance and exit are confusing and yet I knew this even before deciding to come here since I have done extensive research on Turkish immigration. However, reading and doing are two completely and utterly different activities. After searching the web high and low with most web portals ending at dead ends I was pretty sure I figured out what I was going to need to take with me when applying for my residence permit. Not to mention just this week my further confirmation that I did in fact have a clue about what I was doing came from my Japanese roommate who speaks minimal English.

So today post language me and two others who had been through the process before set off for the police station. A metro ride and some walking under the hot hot sun later and I found myself compiling all my paperwork, buying a random pink file that was necessary for the application (this was nowhere stated on the web) taking my number and sitting down in what I thought was gonna be an endless line. The number on the screen read 373 – my ticket 418. I was starting to settle in with my kindle when all of a sudden the next number was 417! Super excited we got up found the student counter and waited for the ticker to change to my number.

418 blinked and I handed my “pink” file to the cop behind the counter. Mind you all the while he was processing my documents he was carrying out a conversation with a 4 year old boy. Nonetheless he stamped some stuff handed me back my passport, kept the pink file with all the other documents I needed and handed me a slip with my return date to get my residence permit in less than 2 weeks. Success — or I should say half success.

I am definitely ready for the day when I will hold that little blue book in my hands because it means I can come and go from Turkey with ease – kinda important since I have to fly back in July for my friend’s wedding that I am in (:

After the police station we went into ANKAmall and had lunch. This mall is massive – I will definitely make a trip back for a little shopping around. And best thing I saw when going up the escalator was a kitchen store that carried Kitchen Aids of many different colors – just as if I were back in the states.

For lunch we went to HD İskender – a restaurant that specializes in İskender Kebap – deliciousness is what it is. Definitely not a vegetarian friendly meal and I am so full still and a good 4 hours have passed!

Total domination over the meal but my tummy was hurting after from major expansion. Underneath all that meat was….yep bread – I’m telling you Turks eat sooooo much bread. It is everywhere – literally bread men with their bread stands every 20 feet. I could walk 5 feet out of my apt. building and find fresh bread – dangerous. In addition they have waiters coming around with pots of extra sauce ANNNNND if that’s not enough well just picture him being followed by a man with a pot of hot melted butter that then gets poured over it all – ohhhh man. I asked for only a little of both and it was soooo rich. This was one dish that I remembered from my previous time in Turkey – a must have before you leave. Some say it is the best type of Kebap around Turkey. Nothing like your typical Döner Kebap that most people are familiar with.

Now the rest of the day will be filled with some thesis research, Turkish homework and trying to stay cool (:

Cheers from abroad