Cirque de Türkiye

One thing to mention before I give a brief synopsis of my Turkey adventures of the day is that it is nearly midnight here and yet my Turkish mom is in full blown kitchen mode with smells of heaven wafting into my room – in fact I have the door open just to take in all the smells – ohhhhh yes. She is wonderful. She is currently making an eggplant dish – quite popular in Turkish cuisine.

Anyhow today was a good one – after language institute I went with two gals for lunch at a cafe and su boreği – very delish and then we went to an art (glass) exhibition at an institute where Turkish women can learn traditional Turkish handcrafts. The glass art was beautiful. Most interesting part about that was we chilled in the office of an animation artist – he was working on a series of English learning – the story was too funny with the characters of Toby, Tilly and Polly Parrot – just imagine – hehehe

lunch – the cucumbers and tomatoes on the side were refreshing in the hot heat

Post that I came home to get my homework done – composition in Turkish and then headed out again to meet the lone American who is attending the other language institute here. Great gal – so glad I got to meet up with her. She asked if I wanted to teach English while here for a bit of small extra cash and said sure why not – so that may develop into something – an experience to say the least (: Gotta fill my days with more than language learning, thesis and tea and coffee drinking (:

We met up in Bahçelievler – a part of Ankara I had not been to yet. Pretty cute with lots of cafes – we headed it out around 10:15 and the crowds were still thick with many patrons enjoying their cakes and desserts, beers and teas and coffees at all the outdoor eating areas. Such a Euro feel to it all. It also cooled off – relatively speaking. Temps are in the 90s and when the sun is straight on you it feels like you are an egg on a hot skillet.

We checked out Mado which is an ice-cream cafe all across Turkey. I remember it from my few weeks in Istanbul a couple years ago. I tend to choose via pictures still and glad I followed suite with my method because my dessert/dinner was fantastic. It was a fruit waffle. When I was ordering the waiter asked how many – and I really wish I could have said does it look like I can eat two…don’t answer that…but not quick enough on my toes per usual and let alone no clue how to say that in Turkish – hmmppph.

A bit dark for the lighting but twas delish – fresh fruit, waffle, chocolate and ice cream

Before we found a cafe there was an event going on in connection to the Ankara Shopping Festival (reason for the dinos in the city). However, I felt like I was watching Turkey’s Got Talent – we saw two shirtless men in camo pants do an acrobat scene – you know the ones where they lift each others weight in bizarre yet impressive positions. Well that was interesting – fully accompanied with cameras shooting from all different angles and SUPER DRAMATIC and way over the top music. At the end the one guy was standing on the other guy’s shoulders and he of course pulled out and waved a mini Turkish flag.

sidenote: Americans love their flag but I think Turks are fine competitors

The best part was while we were sitting waiting at the cafe a parade of mostly American cartoon floats went by in the street. I’m talking Scooby Doo, The Simpsons, Tasmanian Devil, Yogi Bear, Batman, etc.

There goes Spongebob

The American gal said this is gonna give you an impression that stuff happens here when really it doesnt – this is not normal. All I could do was laugh – I guess I must appreciate all the Cirque de Türkiye while it lasts. (yesterday I stumbled upon a show of people dancing on stilts!)

Well this gal is tired – must rest the brain for more Turkish learning tomorrow (:

Cheers from abroad