Simple Tasks

Printing – that should be a simple task. Well at least it is in the US and probably is easy if you “live” in Turkey and own a printer. However, with no printer at my homestay or my language institute, the next place I thought to have one was an Internet Cafe. And boy there sure are a lot of internet cafes in Ankara – I suspect for gaming…

Well it’s not as easy as just walking into a cafe and printing – I knew I had to be organized in my approach and for starters I had to figure out how to even say “printer” and “to print” in Turkish – not your everyday vocabulary in Turkish class. So a trip home after school to look up some words and to make sure all the documents I needed printed were in one email I set off for an internet cafe right around the corner from my homestay.

The sign outside had everything listed, except the multiple words I found for printer – so I just hoped that it would be common sense that there was a printer. Sure enough there were 3 gents in there – gaming and a nice gal working the counter. After I told her what I needed she helped me at the main computer (the only one attached to the printer) and she got me right onto gmail.

Mind you the Turkish keyboard is different than the American keyboard – so a few backspaces later and I was in.

We went through all my document downloads, got me everything printed – with small chit chat in-between and I left with a nice stack of printed papers – and pretty cheap too! Phew!

Now in my mind I thought it was gonna be a lot worse – as I always do – blowing things out of proportion with nerves, but the lady was super nice and even complimented me on my Turkish (:

Next task on hand is applying for my residence permit (tomorrow I think – AHHHHHH) – sweating just thinking about it – or maybe just sweating because it is soooooo HOT here. When I looked at past year weather reports the usual June temps were 80s, not this week SOLID 90s with a scorching 97 on Thursday – mama mia – no bueno – I mean çok kötü (very bad). No AC in the school and none at the homestay means my body has accepted the fact that I will be sweating 7/24 – yes 7/24 as it is referred to here (:

Tonight was spent at a nice restaurant with some friends. I had a great dish called köfteli güveç – which was meat with a tomato sauce and veggies and cheese on top baked in a cask iron pot type thing – noms. Really good. Should mention to my host mom and maybe she will make it – the possibilities that await.

Other exciting news – we stopped in at a French inspired cafe post dinner and it may just be the perfect spot to get some thesis research done – yes yes it is quite great indeed (:

Cheers from abroad and güle güle (go with a smile)