Phone Success!

I write this post with much enthusiasm because something that made me break a sweat and have minor panic attacks just thinking about is finally over! Scary situation – getting a phone. You might not think this to be hard, but for me it was a great task. First off, my vocabulary isn’t phone savvy in English, let alone in Turkish, but I persevered and now have a working Turkish phone, loaded with money and all (:

For the past week I’ve been milling over going and buying a phone – I knew I couldn’t put it off much longer, but I had to get my bearings first. After looking over the Turkcell website and trying to figure out some of the terminology I set off on my way and found a store about 10 minutes walking from my homestay. Upon going in I said in Turkish I would like to buy a phone but I only know a little Turkish, will this be a problem? To my great relief the lady smiled and said hayir problem yok – no, there will be no problem and then sent me on over to the young gent who was free. Upon telling him my situation as best as I could he just smiled, laughed a bit and patiently helped me. There was much exchange via paper and pen, but we finally figured out exactly what I wanted. And then there was a problem (problem var) – I forgot my passport. So then I had to explain that I would be back in 15 minutes and had to run home and get it – of course this was followed up by a smile from the gent again. Pretty sure I made his day – maybe his week – him thinking this girl’s Turkish is not so great, but she is trying – or at least I hope that is what he thought…giving me the benefit of the doubt.

So I ran back to my homestay, grabbed the passport and went BACK to the Turkcell phone shop. My kind gend was patiently waiting, we exchanged more information via pen and paper and then after a few instructions accompanied with the necessary hand gestures and a check to make sure the phone turned on, I was sent on my way. Hallelujah – I did it. No more nightmares about phone buying or panic attacks every time I pass by a phone shop. The next barrier to overcome will be the buying of more minutes on my card – but I think I will find me a nice kiosk owner that has a sign reading “burada çep lira” – İcell phone money hereİ and face that challenge when the time arises.

Besides my phone adventure the day was good. After language I went over to the other language institute building to give the lady who helped me while I was in the US a present. She also had a good surprise for me – the contact information of the one American at that institute who I have now made contact with and have plans to meet later this week! Really exciting so will update later on that (: Then I decided to wander on home – glad that I got moved to the other branch because I had broken a nice sweat by the time I made it home and when I looked up my distance traveled it was a whopping 5km for the one stretch – sure did get my walking in for the day (: That is definitely one thing I am loving about the city.

Cheers to a good start to the week