A Sunday in Turkey

Sundays are days you should take for yourself – or so I think. That is the philosophy I lead my day with today.

When I woke up I decided to go for a run. Now I was told there is a good park to run at that is at the next metro stop. So I set off walking about 3km to this park. When I got there I just started to run through the winding paths. However, I managed to stumble right into a running track about a half mile in!!! I first saw two guys running and then noticed that they were on a track! I was over joyed. One because I wasn’t the only one out running and two it was a place I could run without getting stared at. Running outdoors isn’t big here and running as a female is even more jaw dropping. With all the bread they eat here and all the other delicious meals I’m being served I gotta run or else I will soon be an oompa loompa – not good.

It was hot out, but the shade helped to keep it cooler. Sadly I don’t think Ill be able to run in shorts here – at least in Ankara – so it’s just me and my running tights for the time being. Post my run I headed out on my 3km walk home. All in all an exercised filled morning that still has me grinning because finding that track was like finding gold.

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Pictures of my new running spot (:

Expect more slideshows in future posts – makes my job a little easier

When I got home I met Selena who was suppose to be staying at the home stay for the rest of June but decided to move out to a private dorm for these last three weeks. Seems like a great girl – hoping to go for a run with her and learn some of her spots. She was over-thrilled in meeting me because I too run and like me she is in Turkey on scholarship. I’m the first person she has met since she has been here (5 months) that is in a similar situation to her.

For the rest of my Sunday I decided to go into the city center and find a nice cafe to enjoy a drink and read my book at. Extremely relaxing. I went to one of the streets that is just lined with Cafes and not just at street level but 6 and 7 stories up too! Crazy busy out today. I settled on a place called Bourbon Coffee and enjoyed myself a nice cold and tall choco-caramel – twas delish and made me thankful for running this morning.

They served it with a little treat and a little vase with flowers – I can quickly get used to this (:

The rest of the evening will be spent on thesis research and Turkish – gonna get my smart on.

Cheers from abroad

2 thoughts on “A Sunday in Turkey

  1. Women in shorts running is not so common there but at least you can wear running tights in Turkey! In rural Oman, I was asked to wear a long t-shirt/top or something down past my knees when wearing running tights.

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