A Wednesday in Turkey

Merhaba (hello) all

Somewhat of a more typical day – could have probably experienced the same in another city, on the other side of the globe where an event with dinosaurs was taking place…continue on.

Instead of taking the metro this morning I decided to walk. It is about a 35 min walk at a good tempo – don’t want to be sweating first thing in the morning. It gave me a chance to see Ankara waking up. Stuff is open by 8/8:30 but lots of shops were finishing up setting up by washing the floors and putting fruit out. Things of this nature. One thing I do love about this city is that the stores put the fruit out on the street as a way to entice you to come in. People taste test the fruit too – completely acceptable (:

After 4 hours of Turkish language I went for a 2 hour stroll – weaving up and down streets, however the most fascinating site still remains to be the dinosaur statues that are being set up in Kizilay Merkezi which is one of the big squares in Ankara. I mean a good dozen of dinosaur statues at least – I am very intrigued to see the final set up. Dino love anyone??

T-rex front and center

Some where blending in with the park already (:

After that I went home to grab some food, but more importantly my computer. Azusa told me that Starbucks has free internet so I thought that I would do some thesis research out and about instead of in my room. Well tis true that Starbucks has free internet, however for the login you need a code which they SMS to you but only to Turkish phone numbers…something I still have to set up. So no internet, but I had a long article saved on my desktop so read that and studied a bit of Turkish. I always feel at home in a coffee shop so if anything the stopover in Starbuck’s was good for my soul

Noticeable differences/similarities between Starbuck’s in Turkey and in America

The bathroom required an entry code that could be found on the sales receipt – that’s one way to enforce a paying customers only rule

There were three floors (typical of Turkish stores/restaurants to build up so that more have street level access) – super popular in Istanbul where space is limited. I first was on the below street level and realized it is the youngster hang out spot. The street level was mostly quick stop throughs and the upstairs seemed to have people having more philosophical conversations – where I will go in the future.

The Frappuccino Ad is all the rage here too – should have taken a picture

The desserts well naturally they are more Turkish influenced than American – nothing wrong with that the Turks know how to make a good dessert – and I’m not just referencing baklava, helva and Turkish delight.

People come around and clean up after you – while this is true in the US also, it is more customary for us to throw our garbage out.

More differences/similarities to come in future posts

My view from my spot on the upstairs level – tons of people continuously passing by

Finally headed home around 7:30 because I figured dinner would be soon if not already happening. When I got home everyone was in the kitchen (host mom, host daughter and Az

usa) so I joined them. Most interesting thing learned tonight was while we were eating cherries for dessert. Our host mom wanted us to save the cherry stems because she boils them with water and then drinks it as a way to rid the body of toxins – mind you this was all learned through Turkish and hand motions since the mother speaks no English – if someone were looking at us through the window they would have been very intrigued by the body language to say the least (; Not sure I will ever be able to look at cherries without chuckling

in remembrance of this.

Hope everyone had a delightful Çarşamba (Wednesday)