So I have mentioned that my blog would be changing a bit from more recipe focused to travel focused and well I guess I didn’t give a larger forewarning, but that change just happened because I made my 3 flights half way across the world and am now living in Turkey for the next 7 months!!! Oh boy oh boy. For the summer I will be in Ankara, but come September I will be living in the bustling city of Istanbul.

I am currently sitting on the floor in my new room at my home stay in Ankara and let me just say that I am grateful for a few things:

1) All of my luggage made it through, I had no major flight problems and I was able to sleep a bit (even with a little girl screaming for the entirety of the third flight next to me I somehow passed out for a good 45 min). A long journey but a do-able one…wink wink that people should come visit me (;

2) I sat by an interesting kid on my transatlantic flight from Chicago to Frankfurt – he was wearing a Yankees hat, a Notre Dame hoodie and carrying a Norwegian passport – a nice combination I’d say, but the real kicker and the reason why if you are curious you should just ask is that he was a senior high school exchange student from Norway for the last year in a small town outside Birmingham, Alabama. A Norwegian with a southern accent is quite possibly one of the most abnormal but unique accents I’ve ever heard. So as he was wrapping up his abroad experience, mine was just beginning.

3) The neighbor friend of my host family who was scheduled to pick me up from the airport as I was told would happen was in fact waiting for me with a sign – the first time I’ve ever gotten picked up with a sign – too cool (:

4) My host family has wireless – phew! Skype just became a little more feasible with 8 and 10 hour differences that I will be facing for talking with my loved ones.

5) I am not the only exchange student staying with the host family – two others, a Japanese and American but a little was lost in translation and until I actually meet them I will remain confused.

Now I am just unpacking and trying to get settled in. Already heard my first call to prayer and it immediately took me back to when my family and I lived in the Middle East. I know I will adjust quickly to it.

Tomorrow will be a big day of figuring out where my language institute is, figuring out my residence permit – at the very least starting the process, maybe getting a phone and basically getting my bearings of my new home for the next 3 months!

Pictures I will include in future posts so be sure to stay tuned (:

Cheers from Ankara