San Francisco Bay Area Photo Gallery

I started off my summer in probably the best way possible. I had a week at home followed by 5 days in the San Francisco Bay Area visiting the boyfriend (Sean) who just moved out there for his new job. It was my first time in Northern California and I must say that I favor it over the Southern California (LA area) that I visited at the beginning of the year. The whole area kept on giving me flashbacks to Italy – probably the reason there is a huge Italian population in the area. If you have never been to San Fran and the surrounding bay towns I highly recommend it. Petaluma where Sean lives is in Sonoma County, and National Geographic just ranked it as one of the top 20 places to visit in 2012 – and for good reason. You will fall in love while there and wish you never left.

Pier 39 – we walked straight here one we parked the car after I got picked up from the airport – Sean knew I would want to see the Sea Lions the first day (:

How cute are they? They sound even cuter! This is their 22nd Anniversary of chilling out at Pier 39

Sean and I at Pier 39

Saw this sign in the parking lot – we listened and found us our delicious Crab Cioppino dinner that night

Fountain in downtown Petaluma


I love street art! Sunflowers are my fav. so I was super excited when I stumbled upon these

View from atop a hill in Petaluma – breathtaking

We climbed up that little path you can barely make out

Overlooking Petaluma

Another little path

Where we ran into a lady who took our picture

So I took a picture of her dog


During our car ride out to Pt. Reyes Station

The Pacific

Ocean shots – it may look warm and inviting but it definitely was cold

Obligatory feet in ocean picture – this was post, I didn’t last long – way too cold

Cute little sign out at one of the Bodega Bay restuarants

Had to stop for Salt Water Taffy – too many flavors to choose from – kid in a candy shop

The Ferrari-Carano Vineyards

We went from cold temps by the water to summer heat up in the vineyards

Greenest of vineyards with the bluest of skies – the vineyards remind me of northern Italy

Day 2 we spent the first part of the day in Sausalito

Sausalito is the home of Robin Williams – who I saw at the airport when I was leaving San Fran!

Love sailboats

Houses on the hills reminds me of southern Italy

Seagull picture of the day

The cafe where we had lunch

Golden Gate from the Ferry

SF Ferry Terminal

Our entertainment while waiting for the Trolley Car

Trolley Tracks

View of San Fran street – Lombard St. in the distance

Looking through trees – Lombard St. still in the distance

Lombard St. a little bit more focused on

Me atop the hill where Coit Tower sits

View from the bottom of Coit Tower – not a bad place to have a hot tub

Sean and I at the bottom of Coit Tower

View from the top of Coit Tower

Coit Tower from Lombard St.

Sean at Lombard

Me at Lombard St.

Looking down Lombard

Cable Car!

Me on the Cable Car! Taking another item off of my bucket list (:

Sean on the Cable Car

And again!

Going down the hill

Alcatraz from the Cable Car

Banner for GG’s 75th Anniversary

On the Cable Car

Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory – my favorite type of hot cocoa!

Sean and I in the park across from Ghirardelli

 San Rafael, California – this city is a must to stop over in. I didn’t take many pictures while there because I was too focused on the delicious Puerto Rican food we had for lunch at Sol Food.

Sunset Neighborhood as seen from across the bay. I was told it is called Sunset because they get great views of the Sunset…makes sense.

The Golden Gate Bridge – a modern Wonder of the World

GG is one of the most widely recognized symbols of San Fran and the US

And best yet, GG turned 75 the week I was there – May 27th

Sean and I with GG behind us

Sean with GG

Sean with GG

Driving the scenic route that is California 1

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Shadows in the sand

The Amusement Park at Santa Cruz (we were planning on walking around the park but I got hives so we bolted to the nearest CVS for meds for me – no fun)

Sean with the Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Andy’s – our little pier restaurant

Pier food – I love the lighting on the photo since it was during the sunset and that the tables were yellow like the  restaurant – got my claw chowder in for the week too!

Boats coming in for the day

Ocean Sunsets are just beautiful

Seagull at Sunset

Our sushi take-out dinner

Hope you enjoyed the photos and if you have recommendations for places to see, go to, eat at, etc. in the Bay Area please pass on!



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