To San Fran Bay Area Food Tour

This last week was more than I could of imagined! It was a great week filled with good company, sights and of course food. During my time in California, the boy and I only baked once (a cobbler – naturally), but it lasted us many days and was a good start/end to our days. I will be posting that recipe next. We ate at some of his favorite places and tried out some new places (some of which made the way onto the favorite list).

Here is a quick run-down of the week by food via Instagram pics. It doesn’t include everything but is good enough (:

A San Fran Bay Area Photo Gallery will be posted soon too (:

Crab Cioppino (San Francisco Seafood Stew) at Sotto Mare (Under the Sea) a delicious and must eat at Italian Seafood Restaurant in San Francisco. This was dinner and both Sean and I loved it. The restaurant staff gives out bibs to wear and while Sean wasn’t keen on this, my dirty bib proved that it was definitely necessary for me.

Fish tacos for lunch in Pt. Reyes Station. Sean had an oyster omelette that was mouth-watering – unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of it.

Had to stop along the coast for Salt Water Taffy – picked up peach, raspberry peach and a caramel mix bag!

Shrimp Salad for lunch in Sausalito – beautiful view of the bay

Dinner in San Fran – take out from the Swan Oyster Depot that we ate at public tables on the street outside a creperia. We had smoked salmon and crab salad.

First Cubano from Sol Food Puerto Rican Cuisine in San Rafael – this place is the epitome of delicious. Definitely get a side of sweet plantains and a freshly squeezed lime-aid.

Pier Food in Santa Cruz from Andy’s. Our dinner music was the California Sea Lions that live under the pier – love!

Enchiladas Moles from Mi Pueblo in Petaluma. The ambience of this restaurant is wonderful. Colorful and alive.

Sushi from Hiro’s in Petaluma. This was the second night we got it – it is just great sushi. We took it to go so we could watch the sunset over the Pacific. Breathtaking. This night was a perfect ending to good company, good sights and good food.




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