To Chocolate Pistachio Covered Strawberries

Sometimes you need a little pick me up and while I didn’t just make these oh so delicious strawberries, just thinking about them gave me a nice chuckle and I decided now was a great time to post them. A little digression about me is that when I was growing up I had a tendency to get injured – bloody noses, a broken bone, busted up face, you know usual kid stuff. Well I thought I had outgrown this, but my body right now tells a different story. Last Thursday I ended up with the imprint of the soccer ball on my left leg and now it is a nice everyday changing color type of bruise. Mind you I got this bruise right after my other huge bruise on the same leg healed. To top off matters I got my first bloody nose in a long time last night at soccer. Let’s just say when a 5’1” gal jumps for the ball against a 6’0” guy, well there is a good chance that his elbow will meet the gal’s face. Immediately post the accident, the guy asked if I was alr

ight, and I said “yeah it’s all good” but a quick wipe of the hand and I realized my no bloody nose for a couple years streak was over ): Today my front teeth, upper lip and nose are still sore – as long as it doesn’t externally bruise I think I’ll be alright.

So how does this connect to strawberries you may be wondering, besides the color red. Well when I was younger I remember banging myself up pretty badly(bloody nose included) while rollerblading and since I couldn’t go back out and rollerblade my mums let me sit on the front porch with my ice pack to my face and a bowl of strawberries by my side. So the next time you get a bloody nose, treat yourself to strawberries…and maybe an ice pack it is just the natural and right thing to do (:


Chocolate (1/2 cup)
Strawberries (washed with tops cut off)
Chopped pistachios


Put chopped pistachios into a shallow bowl.
Melt chocolate, dip strawberries into chocolate and then roll in the pistachios
Let cool on wax paper on a baking sheet.
Put into the fridge to cool quicker if you are impatient.

Here is a music video that talks about bruises and strawberries! Listen around minute 2:05 for the strawberries – Great band too (:



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