To An Amazing Week

This week has been amazing for a few reasons, but the biggest reason which you will all probably be shocked in my delay of sharing is that my sister had her baby! Yes, Zoey Jozlynn at 6 lbs. 8oz. and 19.5 inches came into this world on Wednesday April 25 and forever changed it!

She is absolutely precious and holding her for the first time was quite possibly one of the most relaxing, real and amazing things I’ve ever done.

My sister had quite a difficult pregnancy and delivery, but she knew it was all worth it when Zoey was born. This coming week I will be going home again and can’t wait to hold her again. Baby Zoey has what we believe are port wine stains, but the pediatrician wants to give it sometime to see if they will fade. We were all very surprised about this since no one has them on either sides of the family, but she is absolutely beautiful nonetheless. We called her ladybug when she was in the womb, and so this is just her spots not ready to leave quite yet (:

I would have gone home this weekend, but yesterday I ran my third marathon and PR’d – best feeling in the world! I finished in 1:51:46 meaning I had a 8:32 min mile pace – was hoping to be a little quicker, but with a bruised left thigh from my soccer game on Thursday and a slacking last month of training with school monopolizing my life I was all in all very happy with my finish. I have extremely tight hips now though so walking and sudden movements are quite uncomfortable, but give it a couple days and some more stretching and I will hopefully be as good as new – or fingers crossed for this, because Tuesday my soccer team is in playoffs.

I will be sure to update with my finishing picture of the race! – updated!

Cheers to new life!


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