India Photo Gallery

My favorite show is The Amazing Race and tonight the teams were in India which made me think that I should probably share some of my India photos from when I was there for three weeks in January 2011. Enjoy n.

Swiss Alps from the Plane

Snake Charmer

Charmed Snake

Rickshaw Wheel

Banana Man 

Town that we drove by on the train from Delhi to Lucknow

Airport Welcome

Taj Mahal in Agra

Taj Mahal – as gorgeous and breathtaking in person as it is in photos

Taj Mahal

Men just chilling

John Deere Sighting!

I took this when we were speeding through traffic

Hindi Temple

God Is Love Rickshaw

Bamboo Scaffolding

Baby Guavas


Fresh Cut Guava

Monkey Show

Auto Rickshaw decorated for the New Year

Under all of that silk are two scooters

Roasted Nuts

New Year’s Lantern

Old scale system

Fish at the Bero Tribal Market

Bero Tribal Market


Tooth Brushes

Post our Indian Welcoming

We visited an agriculture farm

Sleeping Calf

Temple Decoration

End of the Day Haul

Boys from the Tribal Village we visited in North India

Sunset from the Tribal Village

Rooster just hanging out

Village Kitchen – Preparing Rice

Rice Leave Bowls

The Raj – King of the Vilalge – I had my picture with him in the Newspaper

Banana Plant

Elephant Friend

Eye of the Hippo


Such a beautiful animal


Sleeping Owl

Temple Offering Baskets

Temple Bells

Ceremonial Drummer

Goat Sacrifice – was not prepared for it, but it made for a long last memory

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