To Birthday Aperol Spritz

Happy Birthday to me and my dad! Yep, you read right, I was born on my dad’s birthday so I goes that makes me the gift that just keeps giving (:

Sadly though my birthday celebrations are on hold until tomorrow as I am currently elbow deep in research. All due dates are tomorrow though so I know for a fact that I will be able to enjoy my de facto birthday then with friend’s who are visiting me! How special they make me feel (that and coming home for Easter).

Now I unfortunately am not sipping on one of these right now, but last weekend when I was home I enjoyed cocktail hour with my parents and this is an all time favorite of mine.


Aperol is an Italian aperitif and it would be an understatement to say that Aperol Sprtiz is one of the things I miss most about Italy. Going for Apertivo was one of my favorite activities in Italy. It is in the early evening and you go for a nice spritz and eat appetizers – yum!

Apertivo (2)

Spring 2010 in Verona Italy enjoying an aperol spritz with friends

While Aperol is available in the US it is super expensive making my indulgence in an Aperol Spritz not as frequent as I would like. I would recommend checking specialty liquor stores as the usual grocery stores does not tend to carry it.


2 oz. Prosecco or Spumante
1 1/2 Aperol Orange Liquor
1 dash of seltzer water

Orange/blood orange slices


The perfect Spritz is prepared in a wine glass, or rock. Add ice, Prosecco, dash of seltz and top off with the  Aperol. This is to avoid that the Aperol settles on the bottom. Garnish with a slice of orange.

Cheers to all those who are celebrating a birthday today or have an April birthday (:


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