To Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Genius! That’s what this is – I saw this idea way back when (not sure where but if you know let me know and Ill change this) but didn’t have popcorn kernels so saw no need in using it. Well after my return from Memphis I realized that I was left with all the popcorn kernels which I don’t mind making stove top popcorn – you know the ole’ fashion way – but when in a rush it’s not ideal.

Thus you now can use those same kernels and have a snack to go in less than 3 minutes and no mess! What’s that you say – no mess?? Yep – no mess (:


1/3 cup popcorn kernels

1 lunch size brown bag

Scotch Tape

Whatever toppings you want – salt, melted butter, sugar (for kettle corn), melted chocolate, etc. – get creative


Pour the popcorn kernels in the bag

Fold over and tape shut

Put in microwave – push the pre-set microwave button and wait for magic to happen

Pul from microwave if there are more than 5 seconds between pops – my preset button worked perfectly – I think I only had to un-popped kernels – that’s better than when I use store bought bags.

Will be taking this to my evening class tonight – if it makes the walk!

Apart from figuring out a cheap way to microwave popcorn I was also able to get a 4 hour hammock session in, win tickets to a concert tomorrow night and get all my reading done for class #success!

PS – poured the popcorn out just for the pic and immediately poured it back into the bag for freshness – so I guess my mess was one bowl – apologies (:

Cheers to a great Tuesday