2012 Baking and Cooking Must-Dos

I have quite the extensive Bucket List on my Travels page for things I want to do in life (it is not extensive even if it looks that way – I could probably add something new to it everyday….which I do, but I don’t have a section for the kitchen and that might be because the list would be endlessly long. I mean how many times have you pinned a recipe on pinterest, emailed a recipe to yourself, tagged a recipe in a cookbook, I mean there are just way too many recipes out there so I think if I just had one massive kitchen bucket list it would look Julie’s from Julie & Julia only exponentially longer – and that would be just too big a feat. Therefore, I think it is best to break it down into parts – years in this case. So here are the ten things I would like to try in 2012 in the kitchen and if I finish well then I guess I can be over-productive and start crossing things off that ridiculously long list (I bet it could compete with Santa Claus’ list of toys to make and presents to deliver – he may do it in a year but he also has elves helping him out – and I’m not magical)

Must Do’s of Cooking and Baking in 2012

10. Jump on the Green Monster Movement – done tried my first one, a ‘Peppy’ Carob Green Monster and it was delicious, will probably make these at least once a week now. 

9. Make a Rainbow Cake – done, well slightly. I made Rainbow Cupcakes

8. Make a Lattice Top Pie – done – I made a Raspberry Peach Pie for Memorial Day

7. Animal cupcakes – done – I made Red Velvet Ladybug Cupcakes for my sister’s Bridal Shower

6. Homemade pretzels

5. Make something with beets

4. Make Sangria

3. Falafel

2. Cinnamon Buns

1. 30 Day Vegan Challenge (the ultimate item on my list because I would be trying out a whole bunch of new recipes and may even cook through all of Happy Herbivore – another item on my master bucket list)

I am probably going to look back at this and think I forgot something huge – but I guess I will have to practice self constraint and not add it to the list – doesn’t mean I can’t make it there just won’t be the gratification of crossing it off of this list (if you are a to-do list maker like me then you know exactly what I am talking about)

Cheers to a Happy Friday


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