To Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix

My roommate from last year just graduated this December and is now on her way to becoming an elementary teacher. She was sweet enough to get me a graduation gift back in May (a necklace from Ten Thousand Villages, a Fair Trade Store down in Champaign and an Indian Cook Book that I have used which reminds me I need to upload my Indian Meal Menu!) so thought it was only right to get her a gift. I found her the perfect animal print planner but wanted to pair it with something and while on FoodGawker came across this peppermint hot cocoa recipe on Life and Kitchen. A perfect addition to any gift or as a stand alone gift for co-workers. Christmas may have been two days ago, but having yet to see the first snowfall I know that nights of getting cozy under a blanket while watching a movie, reading a book or sitting and studying (what every good student must do) will be plentiful in the coming winter months so for all of your friends with winter birthdays why not make them a nice treat that will continue to please all the way through February!

Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix

12 candy canes
3/4 cup white chocolate chips
2 1/2 cups nonfat dry milk powder
1 1/2 cups confectioners sugar
1 cup unsweetened dutch process cocoa powder

Using a food processor, grind the the chocolate chips into a fine powder.  Then do the same for the candy canes.  Mix the powders with all of the rest of the ingredients.  Keep the mix in an airtight container.

To prepare the cocoa, mix 1 cup of hot milk with 1/4 cup of the cocoa mix and stir well.  Obviously, the higher the milk fat, the creamer it will be.

As an additional decoration to the jar I added a layer of mini marshmallows – everyone needs a little fluff.

A tried some with soy milk and it was just fantastic!



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