To Sweet Potato Tacos

A couple weeks back my friend Allyce emailed me a sweet potato taco recipe and they just looked absolutely delicious. If I haven’t shared it enough I absolutely love sweet potato. Problem was I had hit my busiest time of the semester and couldn’t find the time to make them. From there it just seemed that my life was snowballing more and more into the direction of paper writing and for-going all activities that make us human; sleeping (2 hrs a night), showers (once every 72 hrs) and eating proper meals (granola bars and clementines were my saving grace). Quite pathetic and I was ashamed to admit, but after getting my transcripts for the semester knew that it was all worth it.

She found it on the Bitchin’ Kitchen website (these girls are great). I didn’t tweak the recipe so I just recommend checking out the two sisters blog – I love it. There are four different fillings but every filling is worth it. YUM! Both of my cameras had exhausted batteries so I wasn’t able to take photos of the final product but the original post captures the food beautifully (and a friend was able to capture an action photo of me heating the corn tortillas – with my signature kitchen style of dish towel over my shoulder)


I made these for my Chinese Gift Exchange that my friends and I have been doing since high school and they enjoyed them too! A perfect (healthy) dish to help equalize all the sweets that tend to be in ample supply during the holidays.

Don’t wait as long as I did to make these!




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